Bhutan – An unconquered Landlocked Country

Bhutan is indeed an extraordinary country, covering an area of 38,394 square kilometer with the population of approximately 7,00,000 headed by buddhist young constitutional monarch, the king of Bhutan.

Bhutan is an independent country which lives in close harmony with nature, unique and rich cultural heritage between two giants ( India and China). The  country’s landscape ranges from sub-tropical plains in the south to the sub- alpine Himalayan in the north.

Although Bhutan is considered to be least developed, Bhutan was ranked first in economic freedom, ease of doing business and peace in South Asia. Bhutan is also notable for pioneering the concept of Gross National Happiness, the vision of our fourth king. 


Besides offering spectacular natural beauty and pristine environment, it is known for living with spiritual culture. Drukpa Kagyu is  the state’s religion which plays fundamental role in ethical cultural development. Bhutanese are known for its pure practice of Mahayana Buddhism. The Majestic Dzongs serves as an religious institution and  monasteries and stupas serve as a place to practice the religion. The festivals and rituals performed by an individuals and by community  promotes the Buddhist heritage. The country’s monk population of around 8,000 stays and study in Bhutanese religious institutions.


Bhutan is located at southern slopes of eastern Himalayas, land locked between the Tibet Autonomous Religion to the north, Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to the west and south. It lies between latitude of 26’N and longitude of 88’E and 93’E

The great geographical diversity combined with equally diverse climate condition contributes to Bhutan’s outstanding range of Biodiversity and Ecosystem.

Peoples of Bhutan “ The Last Shangri-La”

Bhutan is inhabited with scattered clusters of tribes dividing themselves into three main ethnic groups:

  1. Sharchop:- People who predominately lives in eastern Bhutan
  2. Ngalop:- People who lives in Western Bhutan.
  3. Lhotshampa:-People who lives in Southern Bhutan


The official language “Dzongkha” literally means the language spoken in the Dzong and administrative center in all the districts of Bhutan. Because of the diversity of Bhutanese people, there are also 19 dialects and languages spoken throughout the country , however, you will be able to communicate with many Bhutanese in English.


Bhutan might be globally small country, yet it holds a very strong and rich cultural heritage. Having said that Bhutan has rich and distinctive cultural developed in the country over ages. Bhutan has prioritized to protect and preserve our rich identity making it one of the Four Pillars of Gross National Happiness. Bhutan’s unique cultural and tradition is highly valued in themselves by the people and the love for our own culture is distinctly visible in every Bhutanese.

Food- Bhutan is habitat with scattered clustered of tribes into different groups, different region have different style of food with the taste and characteristic. Generally chilies and cheese are essential part of every dish and considered so important. Without having ingredient of chilies and cheese, people would not enjoy a meal because of not spicy. Every individual eat rice accompanying with two or three side dishes consisting lots of vegetable to it.


There is no such general weather forecast in the country since its climatic condition varies from one region to another across the country and each of the valley is virtually an independent eco system and experiences different weather. Bhutan experience reasonably heavy monsoon (June- September),winter ( October – early January), spring( Feb- Mid March), summer (Mid-March- late August).


Ngultrum (Symbol: Nu code :BTN) is the currency of Bhutan since 1974. 1,5,10,20,50,100,500 and 1000 denomination are available , however, US Dollar and Indian Rupee is accepted in local market.

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